Record of Leadership

Dr. Shirley Weber has a record of fighting for us in Sacramento – for great schools for our kids at all levels, jobs that pay a fair wage so everyone has the chance to get ahead, responsible spending, policies that are good for our environment and support our veterans, and safe communities where we know our neighbors and look out for each other. These are some of her accomplishments:

  • Made affordable childcare more accessible to hardworking families
  • Helped protect seniors who live in long-term nursing facilities
  • Increased access to nutritious food so schoolchildren and low-income college students don’t go hungry
  • Expanded the San Diego Childcare Center which provides behavioral health and educational services
  • Improved care for victims of crimes and enhanced public safety while ensuring our rights are protected
  • Worked to take partisan politics out of the redistricting process that affects our local elections
  • Required state-funded colleges and universities to give priority admission to California students
  • Secured funding to help clean up the heavily polluted Chollas Creek
  • Passed landmark legislation to aimed at reducing racial profiling and making our neighborhoods safer for everyone
  • Played an instrumental role in passing California’s Earned Income Tax Credit that puts money back into the pockets of hundreds of thousands of working Californians
  • Made sure victims of hate crimes can get their day in court
  • Pushed hard for our schools to be accountable for the education of ALL students – and she continues working hard to make student achievement central to the evaluation of schools and school staff, and to ensure K-12 campuses are safe and supportive learning environments
  • Helped pass California’s $15/hour minimum wage, so people working full time can better support themselves and their families
  • Wrote legislation to ensure military families have access to state-funded preschool
  • Developed policy to ensure veterans have a greater opportunity to participate in state contracting

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