About Dr. Shirley Weber

Dear Friend,

As your Assemblywoman, I’m fighting for more opportunities for everyone – with better schools, high-wage jobs and safer communities.Together, we’ve made progress by fighting for mandatory kindergarten for all children. We know investing in early childhood education will decrease drop-out rates, dependence on social services, incarceration and unemployment.

We’ve expanded education access for foster children and military families, and helped make college more affordable for low-income students. Now I want priority admission to UCs and CSUs for Californians so more of our children realize a brighter future.

We’ve increased opportunity for small businesses, increased paychecks with the earned income tax credit and now I am pushing for more high-wage jobs for veterans.

My parents were sharecroppers who came for the promise of California when I was 3 years old. My father found a high-paying job in a steel mill. I was educated in inner-city public schools and went on to UCLA, where I received my PhD by the age of 26. Our great public university system prepared me to become one of the youngest professors ever at San Diego State.

For over 30 years, I’ve called the 79th Assembly District home. My children attended public school here and I was elected to the San Diego Unified School District which represents much of our district. As a school board member and president, I advocated for closing the achievement gap and a higher standard of excellence for all children. We placed a successful initiative on the ballot that built new schools in older overcrowded neighborhoods.

I want us all to have more opportunity – that’s why I’m fighting for education that’s accessible at all levels, policies that create jobs and grow the economy responsibly and laws that actually keep us safe.

I look forward to continuing to represent you in the 79th District. I hope you’ll join our campaign!

– Dr. Shirley Weber

Important Facts about Dr. Shirley Weber:
  • Dr. Shirley Weber is a tireless advocate and believes in a California where there’s opportunity for everyone who works and studies hard.
  • Dr. Weber was first elected in November of 2012 to represent California’s 79th Assembly District.
  • Born to sharecroppers from Hope, Arkansas, Dr. Weber has lived in California since the age of 3. She’s lived in the 79th Assembly District for 30 years.
  • Improving education opportunities for everyone is a lifelong commitment for Dr. Weber. She became a professor at San Diego State University at the age of 23, and earned her PhD by 26. She also served as a board member of San Diego Unified School District.
  • Dr. Weber’s legislative priorities include strengthening civil rights and commonsense economic policies, improving education, and protecting persons with disabilities and voting rights.
  • A proud mother and grandmother, Dr. Weber has a daughter and son and two grandchildren. She is the widow of the late Honorable Daniel Weber, a California state judge.




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