I’m Proudly Supporting Prop 16 – here’s why you should, too.

The fight for racial and gender equality is on the ballot here in California.

Prop 16 would end California’s ban on affirmative action to level the playing field for women and people of color. I believe everyone, regardless of race or gender, should have an equal shot at fair wages, good jobs, and quality schools. But we’re not there yet.

Women in California still earn less than 80 cents on the dollar compared to white men, and it’s far less for women of color and single moms. People of color and women continue to face discrimination in hiring, employment, contracting, and education.

Prop 16 is a concrete step we can take to begin addressing the consequences of structural racism and sexism. In states that allow affirmative action, women and people of color earn higher wages and are able to compete on equal footing for state contracts. But right now, California is one of just 9 states to ban affirmative action.

Prop 16 is our chance to right that wrong.

Prop 16 is supported by everyone from Vice Presidential Candidate and Senator Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom to the ACLU, the California Teachers Association, the founders of Black Lives Matter, and Senator Bernie Sanders. Join all of us in supporting Prop 16 this November—visit VoteYesOnProp16.org to learn more and get involved today.

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